Bratislava Top Ten Sights


Bratislava Castle

The Castle dominating over the city and overlooking the Danube River is the major symbol of Bratislava. First time mentioned in 907, the fortress was for centuries a site, where the St. Stephen Crown and other Crown jewels were guarded. After 1811 fire, the ruins were restored in the 1950s-1970s and used as an exhibition and depots venue of the Slovak National Museum. The Castle waits now for its major restoration. From 2009, the distinct four-tower silhouette of the Bratislava Castle appears on new Slovak Euro coins.

St. Martin's Cathedral

This impressive Gothic cathedral dedicated to St. Martin of Tours, who was born in ancient Roman Sabaria (today Szombathely). The church served as the coronation church, where 11 Hungarian kings and 8 royal wives were crowned between the years 1563 - 1830. A large golden-plated model of the royal St. Stephen crown on top of the cathedral tower reminds this important tradition. The painstakingly restored sanctuary features a giant equestrian statue of St. Martin by Georg Raphael Donner, St. John the Almgiver chapel. You can also visit the underground crypts, where the Archbishops of Esztergom are buried, and the rich collections in the church treasury.

The Main Square

The central and the most prominent space of the Old Town district is the heart of Bratislava. This centuries-old hub of major events, including markets, military parades, stage for medieval theater plays and for executions, is the must to visit, while traveling to Bratislava. The palaces and houses of prominent Bratislava residents encircle the square; in the center stands the Renaissance Roland Fountain, erected as a gift of the King Maximilian in 1570. If you come to Bratislava during the warmer period of the year, you can appreciate the beauty of the charming square, while sipping your coffee or tea at one of the outdoor café terraces The impressive compound of the Old Town Hall stands in the eastern square side.

The Old Town Hall

The compound located in the heart of the Old Town is an assembly of precious historical buildings of various architectural styles. The compound has developed since the 13th century, when the tower served as a private house of Mayor Jakob, who was the first mayor of Bratislava. Later on, the Town Hall was rebuilt many times, last time prior to the First World War. Today, the compound serves for cultural purposes as the municipal museum and city archive. The charming Renaissance courtyard is a stage for concerts in the summer; the famous Bratislava Christmas market with traditional crafts is held here in December.

Primate's Palace

The Primate of Esztergom was the head of the Catholic Church in Hungary. Since Bratislava in the 18th century was an important residential town, similarly to many Hungarian noble families, also the primate had his official residence constructed in the town. Hence the large hat, actually the largest in Bratislava, can be seen on the top of the palace façade, crowning the proud principal coat-of-arm of the palace builder, the Prince Jozsef Bathyany von Nemetujvar. The neo-Classical palace from 1778-1781 is a museum today, and the visitors can explore the rich interiors with famous English tapestries from the 17th century, the St. Ladislaus oval chapel and the magnificent Mirror Hall, where the Pressburg Peace between Austria and France was negotiated in 1805.

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