48 Hours in Bratislava


Frequent flight connections make Bratislava a perfect weekend break destination. A visit to Bratislava can also be conveniently inserted as a relaxing stopover on the way between Budapest and Prague. Alternatively, Bratislava is an excellent base for a daytrip to Vienna, which is easily accessible by Twincityliner, bus or train.  

Following is a sample program giving you some ideas, what to can you do while staying in Bratislava:

Day 1

In the morning, enjoy a relaxing walk around the painstakingly restored Old Town of Bratislava, a compact pedestrian area dotted with Baroque palaces of the Hungarian magnates. They are a vivid evidence of the Bratislava?s importance in the time, when the Empress Maria Theresa resided in the Bratislava Castle in the 18th century. Visit St. Martin?s Cathedral, a coronation shrine of eleven Hungarian kings and eight royal spouses. You should not miss the neo-Classical Primate?s Palace, where the Pressburg Peace Treaty between Austria and France was signed in 1805. On display there are famous English tapestries from the 17th century, a precious set of six that were discovered rolled behind the palace wall a century ago.

In the afternoon, stroll around the Main Square craft market beneath the Renaissance Knight Roland Fountain that is an emblematic monument of Bratislava. You can also visit one or more of the city?s museums or galleries; or make an excursion to the ancient Devin Castle, perched on a spectacular crag outside town overlooking the point where the Morava River flows into the Danube.

Spend an enjoyable evening at Bratislava┬┤s Opera. The city has two opera buildings; the historic neo-Renaissance building by Fellner and Hellmer faces Hviezdoslavovo Square park and the modern New Building is a riverside landmark neighboring the newly developed Eurovea neighborhood, a modern extension of the Bratislava Danube embankment. After the performance, enjoy your dinner at numerous restaurants in the theatre district.

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