If you are looking for typical local products that you may find in Bratislava, the following list will provide you with some ideas.

There is an old tradition of glass making in Slovakia. The most prominent factory was established in Lednicke Rovne over a century ago that markets its excellent products under the brand RONA. Another good option is the typical local pottery made in the Western Slovak town of Modra. Another good present is the Berndorf cutlery and kitchen ware produced locally under many designs, either Classical or modern.  

The tradition of good food and drinks is another reason to visit in Slovakia. You might sample the most famous local cheese sorts, parenica or ostiepok. Do not be confused, if they do not taste like camembert, as these are the typical smoked cheeses from the Carpathian region. The Small Carpathian wines are the most prominent among Slovak wines, but you can also sample an excellent Tokai wine from the Slovak side of the Tokai wine regions that spreads along the Hungarian-Slovak border. If you appreciate stronger liquors than you might like to sample the slivovica [plum brandy] and borovicka [juniperus brandy]. A real surprise will be the Carpathian Brandy Special, often overseen abroad, but indeed one of the best liquors in the region.


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